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The whole idea behind "Play" was to have artists create a functional piece of art that someone would be able to play with - like blocks, a game, a pull toy, etc... This show should be really fun!!

  • Dates: May 11, 2013 | Unknown
  • Venue: Dragatomi


  • Dates: August 11, 2012 | September 1, 2012
  • Venue: Dragatomi

The Deadbeet Show

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present Scott Tolleson’s DEADBEET Custom Group Show! The Deadbeet is 6” of soft vinyl veggie mischief, and we’ve invited 50 of the toy scene’s brightest and best toy artists customizers to tame this ragged root.


Playsam 500

  • Dates: April 28, 2012 | Unknown
  • Venue: Super7

Plushform Show

Shawnimals and Squibbles Ink have teamed up with OhNo!Doom in Chicago on this custom toy show with Plushform. Plushform is an, open-ended blank plush platform toy (think Kidrobot’s Munny, but softer...). Artists from around the world were invited to participate, each with a unique style that will not only show off the amazing talents of each artist, but also the versatility of the Plushform as a blank toy medium.

  • Dates: November 19, 2011 | December 27, 2011
  • Venue: OhNo!Doom

The Epic Adventures of Swampy McSwamperton

BLAMO Toys's 3rd Annual Custom Toy Show featuring over 30 artists.


Ghost In The Machine

myplasticheart and Matt Siren presents Ghost in the Machine, a custom toy show dedicated to Matt's iconic Ghost Girl figure. Twenty-five artists have been chosen by Matt to transform and put their own unique spin on his character. This talented group consists of seasoned street artists, painters, illustrators, and top-notch customizers.


New Moon : 2011

myplasticheart presents the 3rd annual New Moon: Interpretations of the Chinese Zodiac group exhibit. This year 24 artists will try their hand at re-imagining the 12 zodiac animals of the Chinese lunar calendar.


Love Movement

"Love should be everywhere in our daily life. Because Love is invisible, and we can’t touch it or buy it, we usually pass over it. Modern society lacks Love due to a lack of communication. If I want Love from someone, and I don’t give the person Love, it’s unfair. It’s wrong just requiring Love from someone. If you start giving Love to people around you, Love will be everywhere, and we can live happily. If the world were to embrace the Love Movement, it would solve many problems we have." –Nao "Many creators put their Love into this exhibition. Please feel their Love. Giving Love will bring even bigger Love back to you. We can spread Love. That is the Love Movement." –Shin



Taking thematic inspiration from the need to find cures for disease this group art exhibition will consist of each artist creating an original piece of art inspired by the theme. 25% of all exhibition sales will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to assist in their research into discovering cures for breast cancer. This particular exhibition has a very personal connection to me as I am a breast cancer survivor, being diagnosed less than a week after signing the lease agreement to open Rivet. In it's own way, I'd like this exhibition to help in a small way to further fund the research that played such a role in my own treatment as it has in countless other lives.

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