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Yeti Dunny by Pause DesignsNew Dunny from Kidrobot drops December 5th

A few days ago I reposted an image of the upcoming 'Yeti Dunny' by Eric Pause, from the Kidrobot instagram account. In the repost I said, "Super surprised Kidrobot was so ambitious turning Pause Designs custom Dunny into a production piece". This was met with a 'hmmmmm' from Kidrobot. My comment... [ read more ]


School Picture Day by Eric PauseCustom for The Two Faced Show at Gunnzo

Eric Pause doesn't just customize a figure, he takes it in a direction you couldn't have imagined with a pound of your favorite hallucinogen. Forget the fact you couldn't have come up with his concept, you couldn't re-produce it with his high fidelity of craftsmanship even if you wanted to. After his two ridiculous Dunny customs, What a Day for a Daydream and Yeti, this Two Faced Hazel custom blows them both away. If you're lucky enough to live near Gunnzo, then be sure to check out the The Two-Faced Show opening on October 13th.... [ read more ]


What a Day For a Daydream from Eric PauseCustom 8" Dunny from Eric Pause

I sent an email to Eric Pause about this custom Dunny probably about 30 seconds after he added it to the library. First was to see if it was potentially for sale and if I could buy it, secondly was to ask for a little back story on the concept. Not sure if this was for a commission, an upcoming show, or just Eric being a general badass. I only gave him about 5 minutes to write me back, because I really wanted to share this guy with you guys asap. If he returns my email I will add an update to this post. Awesome stuff man.... [ read more ]


Update on our book 'Deconstructing Designer Toy'Potentially looking for new publisher to speed up release date

For those people unfamiliar with what I'm talking about, back in November I made a newspost calling for artists to participate in an upcoming book we wanted to produce titled 'Deconstructing Designer Toys'. In this book, toy customizers would submit some of their work, and then as part of the submission they would describe the process for one of their pieces ... triumphs, difficulties, etc. Hopefully, making this a bit more than a typical toys/portfolio book with pretty pictures. We put the book together in about 6-7 weeks from start to finish, in order to hit a July 2012/SDCC release date. Well, it looks like our release date is around early 2013 so we're trying to explore our options.... [ read more ]

  • Posted: about 12 years ago
  • Categories: Hype

Who is the Most Wanted?Details on the forthcoming Dunny - Most Wanted Series 3

The Most Wanted series was born on the ]Kidrobot message boards. The project was the brainchild of Tim Munz, Igor Ventura, and Manny Rivas, and in 2009 the Most Wanted Series 1 brought together some of the most talked about customizers on the Kidrobot board in one blindboxed collection. Comprised of limited run custom Dunny figures, the series was an instant success, garnering many accolades for their quality and professional packaging. Early last year saw Most Wanted Series 2 meet with similar demand. And now they're back with Series 3.... [ read more ]

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