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Mr_t-vanessa_ramirez-munny-trampt-44296tMr. t Munny by Vanessa Ramirez

For Munny Month contest 2010

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  • Started: almost 9 years ago
  • Category: Library Item
  • 1 Replies

Dapper_droid-vanessa_ramirez-android-trampt-175691tDapper droid Android by Vanessa Ramirez

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  • Started: over 9 years ago
  • Category: Library Item
  • 2 Replies

The_dapper_man-vanessa_ramirez-dunny-trampt-44356tThe dapper man Dunny by Vanessa Ramirez

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  • Started: almost 11 years ago
  • Category: Library Item
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ToyPinionated T-Shirts!

Looking for something to cover your cold torso?  Have $15-16 to spend?  You're in luck!  Mr. ToyPinionated, Matthew Hisey, has teamed up with Yosiell Lorenzo and Vanessa Ramirez to b...

  • 2 Replies

Sinister Mister Release from Vanessa Ramirez

In case you haven't heard, Vanessa Ramirez is releasing a resin run of her "Sinister Mister" series some time tomorrow (April 26, 2012) via her online store located at http://vanessaramirez.storenv...

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Mini_yeti-vanessa_ramirez-mini_yeti-self-produced-trampt-50715tMini yeti Mini Yeti by Vanessa Ramirez

Made as part of the SMYV Handmade Toy Swap

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  • Started: almost 12 years ago
  • Category: Library Item

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