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Dripple Series coming from Mighty JaxxNew crowd funded series launching soon

Mighty Jaxx has been teasing their new Dripple series for the last few weeks, and they're going to be kicking off their crowd-funding campaign tomorrow April 25th 2014.... [ read more ]


Penelope McStompsalot Black & Green by Huck GeeTwo Colorways for this new Kidrobot Dunny on Feb 13th

So there's been a lot going on at Trampt which has kept me from writing news for quite a while. After seeing Huck's new Dunny release from Kidrobot I had to break my newswire silence to share this. Insanely intense 8" piece that contains... [ read more ]


Trampt Estate Sale on eBayRare & Long Sold out figures up for auction

As many people know, half of Trampt (Keegan), moved out to Los Angeles in June. Doing so meant losing a lot space, which has left most of our collection in a storage unit since moving out west. ... [ read more ]

  • Posted: over 8 years ago
  • Categories: Hype

Dunny Evolve by KidrobotNew Series featuring: Frank Kozik, McBess, Kronk, Huck Gee, & Scott Tolleson

The new Dunny series from Kidrobot titled 'Dunny Evolved' seems to be a pretty interesting spin on the blindbox concept. Choose five artists to show the evolution of a figure, which at this point is still a guess to what that might be. Stack... [ read more ]


Post Apocalypse by Huck GeeNew 3" Dunny series from Kidrobot drops Feb 28th

Spankystokes posted some hints a few days ago about a potential upcoming Dunny series from Huck Gee titled 'Post Apocalypse' based off of Huck's teaser image. It seems that you can be sure that if Spanky is 'guessing' than stuff is coming... [ read more ]


The Eagle Hunter by Huck GeeOn sale now at his shop

There was a quick peek of this print yesterday from Huck which I assume meant it might popup in the next week or so ... wrong. 'The Eagle Hunter' is on sale now over at with an edition of 100, and priced at $65 this probably won't last... [ read more ]


My 10 favorite purchases of 2012My first year into the realm of buying customs

2012 will be over in a few short hours, and after being inspired by the TOYSREVIL post of Andy's top 10 purchases of 2012 I decided to write my own list. This is the first year that I actually purcased a custom toy, in fact... [ read more ]

  • Posted: over 9 years ago
  • Categories: Articles

Dunny Apocalypse release officially revealedSeries drops from Kidrobot & Select Retailers on 11.8

Thanks in part to and the wonderful flippers on eBay it should come as no surprise that this series is being released. Most of you have seen all the designs in the Dunny Apocalypse series from Kidrobot.... [ read more ]

  • Posted: almost 10 years ago
  • Categories:

Lucha Libre! peek from Huck GeeLucha Libre! at Rotofugi & curated by The Beast Brothers

Huck Gee just posted up a sneak-peek at his custom Munny for the upcoming 'Lucha Libre!' show at Rotofugi. The show opens this Friday, October 5th thanks to the dynamic duo of Carlos & Ernesto ... aka The Beast Brothers. Nearly half of the show will be customs by the Beast Brothers themselves, and the rest will feature contributions from a variety of amazing artists listed below. The show opens at 7pm and runs until 10 with both Carlos & Ernesto in attendance. For more info or directions go to [ read more ]

  • Posted: almost 10 years ago
  • Categories: Events

Android Series 3 peek part 08Professor Skully McRivethead by Huck Gee

Each day I add more Androids to the library for the upcoming Android Series 3 launch they just keep getting more and more badass. This one from Huck Gee with a name that would make Doktor A proud comes 'Professor Skully McRivethead'. On Andrew Bell's blog there isn't a mention of ratio for this figure like the others so I would assume at this point it's a ?:?? ratio. I don't think there is a figure that won't adapt to a Skullhead design.... [ read more ]

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