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ToyCon UK : 2023

  • Dates: April 29, 2023 | April 30, 2023
  • Venue: Unknown

Five Points Festival : 2022

  • Dates: June 25, 2022 | June 26, 2022
  • Venue: Unknown

Five Points Festival : 2019

Five Points Festival is America's premiere Designer Toy festival, bringing together the shining stars of Designer Toys, Street Art, Indie Comics, Enamel Pins and Apparel from all over the world under one roof!


Aloha! Lolligag (Q Pop)

  • Dates: March 25, 2017 | April 16, 2017
  • Venue: Q Pop

DCon (Designer Con) : 2016

  • Dates: November 19, 2016 | November 20, 2016
  • Venue: Unknown

Kaleidoscope of Kyoot


Le Rêve du Lapin

The Clutter Gallery is excited to present "Le Rêve du Lapin", a custom show of Peter Kato's first production vinyl, the Bedtime Bunnies! Standing at 6" tall, each participating artist will customize a blank figure to be displayed in Clutter's Gallery space. Participating artists include: Aica, Ally Burke, Amos Hemsley, Artmymind, Blake Neubert, Candie Bolton, czee13, Double Parlour, Gary Ham, Gretchen Lewis, Jason Limon, Jenn and Tony Bott, Jeremiah Ketner, Kristina Drake, MJ Hsu, Muxxi, Odd Fauna, Otto Bjornik, Peca, Peter Kato, RXSeven, Sabrina Elliott, ScarecrowOven, Scott Wilkowski, Seulgie, Simona Candini, Stickymonger, Tomodachi Island, UAMOU, Valency, Yu Meda, and Zard Apuya. The artist himself, Peter Kato will be attending the opening! The opening reception will be free to the public and take place on June 11th from 6-9pm. The works will remain on display until July 1st, 2016.


ToyCon UK : 2016

  • Dates: April 9, 2016 | April 9, 2016
  • Venue: Unknown


A group exhibition of Japanese based or born artists at the Clutter Gallery, highlighting the diversity and quality found in the Land of the Rising Sun.



We are very happy to announce that Ayako Takagi returns to Art Gallery Yamanekoken for a collaboration exhibition with painter and artist Mai Nagamoto. “Nostalgie”, as the title implies, exhibits painted works and customised figures that were born from a sense of nostalgia and the location for this exhibition could not be any more fitting. It might be a tiny bit remote from the center of Tokyo but the trip to Yamanekoken is more than worth it since it is a charming gallery located deep in the Mountain forest of Ogose, Saitama. Truly a place where one could take a break from the busy city life and take a moment to contemplate. Keep an eye on these pages as we will slowly introduce more work that will be featured on the exhibition.

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