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In 2002, Miami-born artists Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III began FriendsWithYou with the aim to promote a different kind of creative practice; one that is fundamentally inspiring, developing larger-than-life artistic environments to immerse patrons into their FriendsWithYou universe, one that seeks common ground to give people the chance to believe in themselves, and connect with one another. The imaginative world of FriendsWithYou has taken shape in the form of designer toys, large-scale installations, experimental gallery exhibitions, digital video, graphic design and other media—running the gamut of fine arts, public events, advertising and entertainment.

From the “Skywalkers Parade” with 60-foot tall characters for Art Basel Miami, to an inflatable fun house for 30,000 people at Scope Art Fair, to creating a permanent playground “Rainbow Valley” inside Miami’s largest shopping mall, one can see why Borkson and Sandoval would describe their large-scale art projects as an “explosion”. Creating modern-day sanctums, they curate wonderful performances that are part confessional and part mystical ceremony—furthering the artists’ mandate to foster good wishes for luck, friendship and fortune. As a message that is invariably accessible and positive, FriendsWithYou believe in promoting a sense of exuberance against today’s general attitude of detachment. As Borkson feels, “In the sterile settings of modern society, spiritual outlets have become a low priority within our daily routines”.

With a strong emphasis on belief, FriendsWithYou maintain that the more you believe in their magic powers, the more they become a reality. FriendsWithYou truly believe that items can be enchanted totems and talismans can bring good fortune. And after having established their place in the art world, the group have expanded their reach with FWYstudios to create incredible and innovative products; a home for the characters and concepts that foster/bridge new territory between the fine art and the commercial realm.

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