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  • 4 Replies

Bootlegs and Knock Offs.

I was just reading an article that was talking about a man being arrested for selling 1,300 bootlegs. How common is this? Are there any resources to protect against this? Are there any grading/veri...

  • 8 Replies

Has any one ever seen a Stegoforest?

I've seen the Stegoforest by Jesse Narens on some of the blogs, but have never even seen one on ebay. Are they actually out there? Are they any good? Here is one of the bogs discussing them (http:/...

  • 2 Replies

Please Help me locate an item in the library.

I just bought "3AA Exclusive Action Portable Popbot 4way set - ASHLEY WOOD" and need help figuring out which items it is in the library. I'm assuming they are divided up as single items within the ...

  • 4 Replies

What happened?

not that it's really important, but what happened to my rep point count?  haha.  this morning i had over 1300+ rep points and now i only have 2.  and before this, i had an issue with...

  • ▲17 ▼1
  • Started: almost 11 years ago by roguerebel
  • Category: Open
  • 2 Replies

2007-2008 Real x Head Catalog

Advertisement that appeared as a two page spread in Kai-zine magazine issue 9 Autumn 2008. Originally photgraphed and posted online by "chimply kaiju" here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chimp...

  • 5 Replies

Art Toy and Artist Wiki Pages

I currently look at Vinyl Creep (http://www.vinyl-creep.net/Main_Page) as my Wiki when I want to know about Artists or their works that have been produced in the past. However, I noticed that a lot...

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