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Howdy all,

Obviously im Mister Quiche here, my real name is Keith & I live in Stockholm, Sweden., though i'm originally Irish :)

I started collecting back in '05, most of my original collection has however been sold off over the years as my tastes have changed!  I Dig Sucklords stuff amongst other but would say my all time favourite piece in my collection is my Itokin Park 'Super Alloy' Nano.  The pieces im still hunting & regret not getting way back when are the Neth Creatures, if you dont know them you should check them out, right beauties :)

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11 Replies

miles zustand aka chris. also from vienna/austria, i started collecting after buying a few dunny blind boxes in '07 i think. as i am not much of a completist i quickly realized that i would be running out of place soon so i started focussing mainly on toys that match my taste.

i am a big fan of unpainted, diy, blank, clear or gid toys because in my opinion the platform is (in most cases) a piece of art in itself and i think the creators/artists invested a lot of time to form and sculpt the figure to their likes. sadly the beauty of those sometimes very subtle designs gets lost when painted. my favourite blanks: Mictlan, MAD*L (Madl), Bambaboss, Paw

also a very important factor in my collection is the personal relationship with the toy. i'm not a big fan of buying stuff off of ebay or from online stores just to have it and to complete my collection. somehow i look at my toys a different way knowing that i got it from all over the world by stopping by at all the different stores that i so often read about on our beloved blogs. or that i got it as a gift from a friend (you know who you are :D) . or that i won it by being awesome ;)

somehow my personal experience in requiring it adds immensely to the value of the toy for me even if its ratio says it's not that special!

about 12 years ago · Comment ·

deadlemming aka. 0717 but my real name is Lilo, as some people know. From Vienna/Austria, started collecting around 2005 as well (after randomly buying some toys the year before), and we started carrying toys in our first pop-up shop that year as well. I got deep into dunnys with the french series, at least that's the one I started to care about and try to complete.

I'm an illustrator, so I'm interested how different artists work on a plattform or in 3D, so I doubt I'll ever sell any of my toys (answering Keegan's question) ;)



  • Artist

about 12 years ago · Comment ·


I am from Detroit Michigan aka dirty D, murder mitten, motor city, and murder capitol of the U.S. 

With that being said it is a pretty nice place to live. I have been a collector of art prints for the last 20 years and obviously a lot of the artists started creating vinyl toys which lead me into that. So my daughter and I started with Dunnys and now we have moved to bigger things and also only having certain artists we collect. Big fans of Dalek, Eaton, Kaws, Kronk, Obey....

At first I looked at collecting vinyl as an investment, but over the years I have changed my mind in that it is truly a hobby. Everyone needs to collect something because it is almost theriputic and takes your mind off of busy life. It is also a nice hobby for me and my daughter.

But I would say a more recent experience locked down my collecting of vinyl toys and that was almost a year ago on a rainy night in Detroit I literally sat at a local diner with the man himself...Tristan Eaton. Waiting for the rain to let up he gave me insight not only on his career as an artist in general but on the toy world. Can honestly say he is one of the coolest dudes every time I see him. It was also cool for my daughter to meet the creator of one of her favorite toys. And yes...Detroit was home to Tristan for many many years.

So we now sit here in the D, save our pennies, and buy toys that we love!

over 11 years ago · Comment ·


Easily_Amused Bump over 11 years ago


ELJEFE313 thanks! over 11 years ago

You know me MQ we see each other everywhere on forums, fb etc...

MATTYBOOMBATTY (Matt) - Smash Tokyo Toys Australia

I have 3000 transformers, collected them for years....then stopped. Collected Toy2r for years...then stopped. Now I collect very, very specific S7 and M1 in small quanties.

These days I won't buy any toys unless I see it and absolutely fall in love with it. This is a must when you are producing your own toys since thats where most of your money is going now...into getting your toys out. If you're buying someone elses toys you want to make sure they are the best of the best right?

You can bet THAT guy isn't buying my toys.

about 12 years ago · Comment ·

My name is Teodoru Badiu. My Friends call me Teo and I am an Creative Media Designer, 3D addict, vinyl toy collector and art lover based in Vienna, Austria.

about 12 years ago · Comment ·

Hi, my name is Rudy Rocha. From San Antonio, tx. I started drawing when I was in junior high school, from comic books. Thats when I started collecting comics and action figures. Been collecting ever since. Well a new toy line came out called mighty muggs and I liked the style of them. I started looking online for images of them and came across some custom figures people were making. something called dunny and then munny(maybe you heard of them). Well I ended up falling in love with the concept of urban vinyl and art toys. I have about a handful of dunny and fat caps, a Kozik Lorenzo figure and two Ledbetter chinese zodiac figures. I've done a couple customs myself but work keeps me from doing them on a regular basis. I will do more from time to time. I love this site because i can see what other people are into and what they do.



  • Artist

about 12 years ago · Comment ·


Easily_Amused Nice to meet you! about 12 years ago


Rudy v Nice to meet you to about 12 years ago

I don't think I could sell anthing I own. I think my friends and family might say my collecting is on the verge of hoarding for all the things I collect. LOL. Really the only difference between a hoarder and a collector are organization and display. My names Jason by the way. I have written an introduction in my info on my page if you want to get to know me. To answer Keegan's question, I started with Ron English Art Toys and have yet to get into the blindbox or smalls. I'm more worried I'll start collecting Vintage toys from my childhood. All this thinking about toys gots the nastalgia rolling. Oh look I have $20 bucks in ebay bucks to spend on my account...

about 12 years ago · Comment ·

itsa_mia /wave

about 12 years ago · Comment ·


Mister-Quiche m *waves back* :D about 12 years ago

Salutations -

My name is charity, i go by masao626 on the interwebbies. I've been collecting since 2004ish and it has become my all-consuming passion. I collect vinyl, resin, plush, sculptures, prints and originals and like to build up collections which are artist-centric which i then display as rotating, currated collections in my home. it's a bit of a sickness, really :)

I frequent the Circusposterus forum and used to be a very active member of KR and the Vinyl Requiem forums as well. I work a ton so my online interactions have been scaled back quite a bit.

Currently building up collections of pieces by Amanda Visell, Erick Scarecrow and working on a project i named "Deerly Departed" where I've been commissioning artists to customize resin deer trophies for my collection. like i said. it's a sickness :)

Was excited to discover this new site and hope to be a regular part of this thriving community!

about 12 years ago · Comment ·


Easily_Amused Nice to meet you! I looked through your own collection on your page to see if you posted any pics of the "Deerly Departed" but didn't see anything. It sounds cool. Will you share pics? or get WIP pics/info from the artists and share it in the conversation section? about 12 years ago


masao626 done! started a new conversation on it - thank you so much for your interest!! about 12 years ago


Easily_Amused Cool! I will check them out. about 12 years ago

howdy! my name is mike but i go by necktie often. started collecting in 09 (fairly recently compared to some folks). i started with kidrobot's dunnies, but was pretty quickly blown away by the work of doktor a on some of those pieces and have since shifted my collecting to just his stuff. it's a modest set that i have right now, but i'm working my way up! much of my original collection is sold off, but i do still have some choice favorite dunnies, as well as some random stuff like the kidrobot madvillain figure (lookin for a quasimoto to go with him!). outside of collecting i'm a phd student and a musician/music producer. originally from st. louis, missouri. currently in the desert.

about 12 years ago · Comment ·


Easily_Amused Nice to meet you! about 12 years ago


Necktie v likewise! about 12 years ago

I always wondered how many people started with something like Dunnys or Be@rbricks and as they kept collecting they ended up selling off everything that got them started?

I definitely have a lot of dunnys but I don't tend to buy them as much, I especially stay away from the smaller ones. Not because i don't like them but I don't like trying to figure out a good way to display them.

about 12 years ago · Comment ·

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