New collector looking to make his first trade

I just got started collecting last month and have jumped in feet first and expanded my collection from 0 to 18 (still waiting for a few in the mail). I bought a few dunny blind boxes and pulled two Ron English and aPatricio Oliver. So I was hoping to maybe trade 1 of my Ron English and the Oliver dunny for something a little different to get my collection more divrse than the dunny's and vinylmation's I currenty have.


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2 Replies

I'd help you out but I already have both of those guys. Hopefully you can maybe get a trade going with someone, and welcome to the wonderful wallet emptying world of collecting. :)

about 10 years ago · Comment ·


ELJEFE313 how do you make an artist portfolio?......and what was up with that blogger you not need ppl to do stories anymore? about 10 years ago

Welcome to the addiction! I don't collect Dunny's, but wanted to wish you good luck. Right now through Monday is a good time to be purchasing, because there are quite a few sales happening. I started collecting this year too, and the one thing I wish I knew off the bat is that there is a sale going on at one of the shops almost every holiday, so I expect to see sales around/after christmas too. I post on my FB page and in the Trampt conversations sales I find, so keep your eyes peeled.

about 10 years ago · Comment ·

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