Looking for Dalek Toys

Is there anyone out there dealing any of their Dalek toys? If so let me know if you are looking to trade or sell...

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3 Replies

I've got a Black Teddy Trooper by Dalek I'd be willing to trade. The only thing I saw on your Have list I would be interested in is your TravelA, but I have no idea what that figure retails for or if that's a fair trade.

If you're interested let me know, if not no biggie. :)

over 11 years ago · Comment ·


ELJEFE313 The TravelA is bar far one of my favorite pieces. As far as I know right now it goes for $100+....and Im holding off on the Dalek teddy troops cuz I just saw them on another site for $45 each black and brown.
But now that you are on the subject....im curious what else you would give up for the TravelA?? over 11 years ago


ELJEFE313 Oh and did you get my msg about portfolios? over 11 years ago


keegan a sent you an email. :) over 11 years ago

I have the green diver Dalek Dunny up on Ebay right now. But it ends soon, hopefully you'll see this before it ends.

over 11 years ago · Comment ·


ELJEFE313 Thanks for looking out....good price though. Have any other Dalek stuff you want to part with? over 11 years ago


gothic_girl8 Sorry :( That was all I had. The green Dunny just sold too. over 11 years ago

the cerealart space monkeys seem to appear on the bay quite a bit, theres a few up not at BIN $100 which is not too bad a price i reckon, lovely piece.

over 11 years ago · Comment ·


ELJEFE313 yeah....those have been on there for about a year if not more...im first trying to see what people are willing to part with...lol over 11 years ago

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