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Ok, so my question is, What is considered custom and what is original art? I ask this because I know that if an artist takes something like a Munny or a Dunny and puts their own version of say Spiderman or Superman it would be a custom of the character on the figure. But, If the same artist put something original, something they used from their own mind that hasen't seen the light of day on the figure wouldn't it be the same as putting it on canvas? Wouldn't then the figure be posted under original art? Just wanted to know.

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2 Replies

I think it's important to label pieces as customs when toys were used as the main fodder for an artists work so it can lead as an example of great ways to use toys in their art. There are great examples by guys like J★RYU and Troy Stith where you wouldn't even know they used a toy to create some pieces.

about 12 years ago · Comment ·


Rudy v I see, I was thinking the other way around.I was thinking of the toy the same way an artist would use canvas or how some may choose to use say wood glass etc. to use it as the instrument to put the art work on. about 12 years ago

Since I collect both toys and art I'm used to a "custom" referring to any toy that has been altered and "original art" being a canvas or one off .....I'm considering buying a large Madl that has been painted by TILT and it is labeled as custom....

about 12 years ago · Comment ·


Rudy v This is what I am used to also but the thought popped into my head, and I in no way would do this, If you took a hammer and flattened the toy it would be flat like a canvas. about 12 years ago


Rudy v The canvas is blank like a Munny. You can paint and draw on both. I do understand the aspect of turning a toy into something you as an artist create which would be a custom toy but if the artwork is your own and not an interpretation of some one elses work then it would be original.Not confused just wondering. been wanting a MADL myself. about 12 years ago

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