Will you work for Toys? Tenacious Toys is looking for a New Blogger.

Here is their job description:

Respect and love to Jared Schaller who needs to focus on school now and is bowing out. I am looking for someone that can write 10 short posts per week about designer toy topics I forward, plus whatever other art toys you'd like to write about. MUST have firm grasp of English language, write in complete sentences and be able to resize images. MUST have an opinion that you enjoy expressing in writing. MUST be willing to work for toys as opposed to cash. Message me.

I'd apply, but I don't know how to resize images. So, if anyone does apply let me know here.

Good Luck!



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4 Replies

Also, we're going to be looking for some part-time bloggers in the near future too. :)

over 11 years ago · Comment ·


Easily_Amused Nice! I hope you don't need photos resized... over 11 years ago

Thanks Jason! We actually scored a few talented people: Dan Byrne from DesignerToysUK, Mr. N.Visible and Ahren Gauthier, to add to Don P (Patrick Lippe). A truly international crew of bloggers. I'm stoked. Takes some pressure off me, gets more posts up on my blog.


Benny Kline

  • Artist

over 11 years ago · Comment ·


Easily_Amused I know DesignerTouysUK on FB, he's a cool guy and should do good. over 11 years ago

Would you pay the bloggers or also pay them toys?

over 11 years ago · Comment ·


keegan a I don't think we can pay anything, which is why we haven't asked anyone to help yet. When we figure some stuff out we'll see what we can do in the near future. :) over 11 years ago


Easily_Amused LOL! I think I've been working as a blogger for y'all for free:) over 11 years ago


Message them on Face Book

over 11 years ago · Comment ·


keegan a You know you can just click on the 'Actions' button and edit your conversation to make updates if you want. :) over 11 years ago

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