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There is no hiding. A succubus walks. Lilitu. Sexually charged, violently destructive, A Sumerian myth, a demon to be feared. To love and to kill without remorse, one man at a time. The unsuspecting only see the near-perfect human likeness – enticing eyes, supple mouth, lithe body - little noticed are the breasts of dripping poison and malicious intent. Emerging from the cool, smoky depths, fresh from one kill, looking for the next, Lilitu is poised to allure. Calculated stance, intimately glossy, designed for desire – come nefarious courtesan. Who can resist?

Production Details

  • Release Date:
  • Edition Size: 200
  • Materials: Vinyl
  • Dimensions: 8.0"
  • Exclusive Release: Kidrobot Black
  • Ratio:

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  • 10 Members
  • 10 Replies

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10 Replies

I am in love with this piece! For those lucky enough to already own it, how is it holding up? Do you feel it is worth the price you paid? I'm seeing it for sell about double that... do you think I'd be dissappointed paying double to get it?

over 11 years ago · Comment ·


keegan a I'm actually surprised to see it selling for double when it took a while to sell out. Pretty much all the Kidrobot Black releases haven't sold to well if my memory serves me. over 11 years ago


Easily_Amused Currently $390 on ebay, and I saw it for $400 at ( I haven't really seen it else where... any suggestions? over 11 years ago


WTF-Weird_Toy_Fountain It' gorgeous and creepy, but also small. We love it. Worth every cent. over 10 years ago

She's hot! like the artist... ha.

over 11 years ago · Comment ·

This goes for a ridiculous $899.99 now on eBay. If anyone wants to sell their Lilitu at a reasonable price, please contact me.

about 10 years ago · Comment ·


thankyou m Yes, I want this piece too. 899 is ridiculous about 10 years ago


lediscode It's so rare that I don't know if I'll ever acquire Lilitu. :/ about 10 years ago


thankyou m yeah, they'll come up… if you are actually looking to buy it and it's at the top of ur list of things to get, im sure one will come up soon enough for a reasonable price :) about 10 years ago


WTF-Weird_Toy_Fountain That sounds about right if you ask me. That's what I payed for mine here in Brazil. Ridiculous price alright, but I need all KR Blacks. The only one I still don't have is SSUR's piece. :( about 10 years ago


lediscode The SSUR Kidrobot Black release is sick! about 10 years ago


thankyou m and both have the ssur piece, you can try to contact them about selling it about 10 years ago


lediscode Good luck getting that piece! about 10 years ago


WTF-Weird_Toy_Fountain Thanks Mika! But I doubt they would sell it... about 10 years ago

Looking for one at a reasonable price. I know I will not be paying retail price, but also don't want to pay $800-1000 for it. Hit me up if you have one for sale

about 7 years ago · Comment ·

Please let me know if anyone has one for sale.  Thanks

almost 5 years ago · Comment ·

anyone selling at a reasonable price? $$$ looking to buy

over 5 years ago · Comment ·


superconductor over 5 years ago

Am possibly looking to sell mine soon, for those that are interested. 

over 3 years ago · Comment ·


Oshnapz4real I'd be interested, but listings are so few and far between, I have no idea what they go for, but I'd be interested in discussing it. about 3 years ago


Bourgeoisie Me too, I would very much be interested. over 2 years ago

I just put mine on ebay TODAY! GOOD LUCK!

almost 4 years ago · Comment ·

Anyone selling her? Willing to pay a great price for one. email

about 4 years ago · Comment ·

defintely one of the best artpiece from Kidrobot. 

over 4 years ago · Comment ·

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