False Friends Loser - HKG Edition Designer Toy







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  • False_friends_-_loser_edition-mark_landwehr_sven_waschk-false_friends-coarse-trampt-47t

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Original price was 4388 HKD. lost for life The noop lies sprawled across the warm ground in a sticky mess. His eyes, still blurred, catch sight of the bright blue sky behind the vast tree leaves. Not too long ago the elastomer was a dark and hostile place. Now it sparkles again in the boldest of colors, fresh and juicy. Giant fruits hang from the branches of the trees. In one, well protected and nourished, the noop had time to grow. But now he is ripe, and he has hatched from his fleshy fruit shell. He knows he can't stay out here in the open. Without the protection of cover he would be at their mercy. His shaky legs have never carried his body weight before. After a few attempts, he finally gets up. Standing, half stunned and dizzy, he gazes around and after a few seconds he slowly sets himself into an awkward walking motion. He strays around for a while after leaving the forest, the sun has already turned his pale skin slightly pink and his innocent body feels pain for the firs

Production Details

  • Release Date: December 06, 2009
  • Edition Size: 200
  • Materials: Vinyl
  • Dimensions: 13.0"
  • Exclusive Release: coarse hkg
  • Ratio:

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