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This picture is taken from Munky King's website.

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  • 1000_possessed-luke_chueh-possessed-munky_king-trampt-49590t

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Munky King is proud to present 1000% Possessed, our giant production of Luke Chueh\'s original Possessed figure we made in 2007. For inquires and preorders, please contact sales@munkyking.com.

Production Details

  • Release Date:
  • Edition Size: 15
  • Materials: Fiberglass/Vinyl/Metal
  • Dimensions: 78.0"
  • Exclusive Release: Munky King
  • Ratio:

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1 Replies

This thing is taller than me!  Pretty badass though!  I didn't realize they made a run of them.  I'd hate to see the price tag.  The 4' tall Joe Ledbetter Mr. Bunny were like $4,000 or $5,000 if I remember correctly.  I'd think bigger means more expensive.


about 12 years ago · Comment ·


Easily_Amused God I hope not! I won't get one if it does. That puts it clearly in the Dali print and small sculpture price range. about 12 years ago


keegan a I believe these all sold out during the show .... somewhere in the neighborhood of $6k. Might be wrong about the price. about 12 years ago


crazylikeafox11 m My first real car that I bought myself only cost $8k... But I maintain that if these big toys with big price tags could drive me to work, I'd gladly buy one! about 12 years ago


Easily_Amused LOL! You overpaid...I hate cars. They are not assets instead they are generally (unless you wreck a lot) long term consumables that never stop costing you money. I see people spending money on nice cars, sound systems, rims, and all I can do is laugh. about 12 years ago


Easily_Amused Buy Art. At least you don't have to worry about others robbing/defacing it while you leave it unattended on the street. If you buy nice stuff for a car and either you or some jerk wrecks it you lose most of the stuff you put into it. Art is never involved in a wreck. about 12 years ago


Easily_Amused @Keegan That sucks! I inquired about it the minute they announced it, and they were supposed to let me know when they had more info. about 12 years ago


crazylikeafox11 m My car is 10 years old and still going strong *knock on wood*. No real problems. I would very much like to be carried to work on a giant Mr. Bunny though! about 12 years ago


Easily_Amused @CLF11 LOL! You can always turn your car into an art car. But yeah, you bought a good one it sounds like. Warren Buffet brought my class out to a steak dinner after we had a private Q&A with him, and his car is laughably old, reliable, paid off, and not a status symbol. about 12 years ago


crazylikeafox11 m My '02 Protege5 is definitely a status symbol... Unfortunately it gives off the "ricer" vibe and people in their little Honda hatchbacks (the older ones, not the Fit) often want to race. It's pretty speedy but if I want the best gas mileage (up to 35 mpg city--I've got a manual), racing is not how you go about it. And the only money I'll put into it for maintenance/ necessary repairs. about 12 years ago


Easily_Amused @CLF11 I tip my hat to you. I hope you get another 20 years out of your car. My current truck has lasted 9 years without being totaled (Second worse drivers in the country are located here in the DC metro. Where only outdone by LA), and I plan to drive it until I sale it for scrap. about 12 years ago

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