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#3inchdunny #dunnyspecialedition

Production Details

  • Release Date: January 17, 2013
  • Edition Size: 1500
  • Materials: Vinyl
  • Dimensions: 3.0"
  • Exclusive Release:
  • Ratio: 1/2

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  • 16 Members
  • 19 Replies

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19 Replies

Hoping there are some variants to this piece!

about 10 years ago · Comment ·


Merlin Yeah they are 2 variants, purpl n black, grey n black cant wait for the release about 10 years ago

Been waiting for himtot do a dunny for years!! Finally the wait is over... Worth the wait, hope the kidrobot quality control is good

about 10 years ago · Comment ·

Looks awesome! I can't wait to pick one up.

about 10 years ago · Comment ·

This piece is beyond sweet! Where's that must have button! I can't wait to get one of these or maybe two or three!

about 10 years ago · Comment ·


Merlin im guessing 3 if you want to try and get the other variants. lol about 10 years ago

If you weren't able to get one, just wait a week. I saw that KR didn't limit you, so you have people who bought 20 and will need a place to dump them. ebay prices will likely fall through the floor.

about 10 years ago · Comment ·


keegan a Smart on their part, sellouts look better by creating artificial demand on eBay and making them look better. This happened with another 8" dunny release and I was able to pick it up online a month later for less than retail. about 10 years ago


Merlin Yes be patient the people that ordered from KR.com will be getting theirs this coming Thursday cause it takes a week to ship so you will definitely see people trading n selling their dupes. about 10 years ago

omg already sold out....

lucky me I grabbed 2 of these badboys....

about 10 years ago · Comment ·


JoshuaJ Wow that was fast! I grabbed 3 glad on got on at 11 to get mine super excited for this release. about 10 years ago


keegan a got 3 from Rotofugi cause they always ship so ridiculously fast. :) about 10 years ago


thankyou m hey keegan do you want to buy my blue chase version? $31.87 + 5 shipping almost 10 years ago

Someone posted a pic of pulling the Black/Purple chase on this listing so I just made its own entry here: http://trampt.com/61239

DEFINITELY picking up at least two of these guys. :)

about 10 years ago · Comment ·


spiralarchitect I rarely ever get lucky with chases, but, I am very hopeful to pull a purple at a minimum. about 10 years ago

This looks pretty sweet!

about 10 years ago · Comment ·

With 3000 pieces, this thing is going to be available for years to come.

about 10 years ago · Comment ·


keegan a Hernandez edition of 2012 sold out in a day. This one will sell out quicker because it's been distributed to other retail stores which makes it easier/cheaper for international buyers. about 10 years ago


omegaPoint plus with the unique sculpt, customizers will want extras. i'm really digging this. i'm in for 2! about 10 years ago


palefox it actually looks like there will also be two chase variants, so there could be like 2000, of this colour and 500 each of the chases, which means people will buy multiples in hopes of completing the set. about 10 years ago


Merlin yes they will Sinstar and they do have 2 other variants. about 10 years ago


kvnjjwong I got 5. about 10 years ago

I've one for sale... $20 email me newigi4ever@hotmail.com

almost 11 years ago · Comment ·


KR_GURU_SUCKS and ofc including the shipment :) almost 11 years ago

I ordered 4 of them and they'll be here tomorrow.. I'm hoping for amazing luck and hoping to pull all 3 colors from those 4 boxes (then go to Vegas..lol)

about 10 years ago · Comment ·


JoshuaJ think a lot of us bought at least 3 in hopes we would get all three colorways about 10 years ago


keegan a Saw a buddy pull all three with just three boxes. It can be done. :) though I'm sure I won't when my three arrive. about 10 years ago


JoshuaJ Does anyone know the actual ratios? Could it be that there are 1000 of each colorway making pulling all three a little easier about 10 years ago


keegan a yeah, it doesn't seems like either are too rare. about 10 years ago


keegan a after hearing people pull multiple, sometimes all chases, out of an order of 3 I assume they are each a run of 1000. A great release by Kidrobot. about 10 years ago

The 17th is right around the corner. I'm stoked.

about 10 years ago · Comment ·

Def buy, hope there will be some sweet chase variants and I will pull one :)

about 10 years ago · Comment ·

after looking at all three, I think the OG is still my favorite colorway... although the chases are awesome in their own right.

about 10 years ago · Comment ·

Sad to hear KidRobot London store is closing and they won't be getting any of these in the store (or any more new stock for that matter). Sad times

about 10 years ago · Comment ·

If you guys go to kr.com on and copy the picture form their blog and brighten it you can see the purple where the yellow should be on the dunny and grey on the dunny on the left. im digging the original colorway but the purple  is looking pretty cool as well.

about 10 years ago · Comment ·

If anyone has an extra Blue chase Thundercracker hit me up here or on the KR forums same name as here Merlin.

about 10 years ago · Comment ·

So nice I purchased it twice... 

there was a one per customer at the local shop, sold out n missed it,  KR boardie hooked up an extra red, few months later snagged the set of 3 for a song!


almost 9 years ago · Comment ·

I have all three for sale, contact me if interested in buying the set.


about 5 years ago · Comment ·

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