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Black Target by Luke ChuehDCon Exclusive at Munky King Booth #217

I was able to get a hookup for the SDCC Red Target release from Luke Chueh which I am really grateful for. The quality of the figure is top-notch, and it's much heavy than it appears which always makes it feel 'better' to me for some reason. Munky King will be... [ read more ]


Four new featured artists you should know betterFeatured Artists: Tokidoki, The Beast Brothers, Drew Millward, and Luke Chueh

It's that time again. A day later than we wanted but I think we've had a pretty good couple of news posting days. Once we have our new News backend finished we'll have multiple editors writing news instead of when I can finally find some free time. Each week we pick some artists we like who also happen to have some stuff going on this week that we think you should know about. Whether it's a new release, upcoming show, or just some cool stuff they're recently made. Anyway, on to our featured artists... [ read more ]

  • Posted: over 10 years ago
  • Categories: Hype

Luke is getting ready for SDCC, are you?Target by Luke Chueh and produced by Munky King

So apparently Luke Chueh has been busting his ass the week before SDCC to customize each of the 250pcs of his newest release Target from Munky King. I'm not sure why there is some backlash from people about drawing on the toy? It's not a giant signature like some artists, that I will not name, splash all over their toy, but a very thoughtful drawing that couldn't be more poignant give the subject of the piece.... [ read more ]

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