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threeA is coming to NYCC for the 1st time at booth #3105EMGY Mighty Square & tshirt exclusives

Looks like threeA (3A) is making their first trip to NYCC next week and they're bringing two exclusives with them. Ashley Wood has created up an EMGY Mighty Square and a t-shirt. The only leaked photos of the Mighty Square is the box shown to the right, but if you want an idea of what it will look like then check out a Mighty Square and then one of the EMGY threeA figures. There are lots of complicated rules going around on how to grab one so read below very carefully. I just hope they might have some other figures for sale since it's kind of weird to sit there all day just to sell one figure and some t-shirts for four days of Con. Check out booth #3105 to see what they have going on.... [ read more ]


Is he a zombie or just a good devil-worshipper?Ashley Wood & 3A present 1/6 Adventure Kartel: Rehel

threeA (3a) is dropping a Bambaland store exclusive ... Rehel 1/6th figure from the Adventure Kartel on February 17th at 9AM. This Ashley Wood figure will cost an even $90, and 3AA members will have access to an exclusive dark-haired version wearing a Cloven Heart t-shirt. Rehel is the lead singer of the Christian Devil-worshipping band Cloven Heart… and, maybe, he's made some dark pact to live after death, thus explaining his zombie-like appearance.... [ read more ]


Ashley Wood's Popbot returns in five forms from 3AAction Portable Popbots from ThreeA (3A)

Who doesn't adore Ashley Wood's Popbot, the figure line based on his 2002 comic series about a rock star kitty cat and a robot bodyguard? Just released (as in available for preorder now) is a sweet box set of Popbot goodness. The exclusive online Action Portable Popbot 4-way Set will cost you $180, but you get four robotic forms of your favorite machine (one of which, the Two-Hand Gunslinger Popbot, is exclusive) and each box also contains a 1/12th scale Kitty. Like all the threeA (3A) 1/12th scale Popbots, these are about 7.5" tall and detailed beyond human comprehension.... [ read more ]


First Featured Artists of 2012 ... know them, follow themFeatured Artists: Ashley Wood, Squink, Angryblue & Audrey Kawasaki

A late post for the 'Featured Artists' today but I still made it on the #ff Follow Friday schedule. Blake and I have been busy with some new features, including some new mods which we'll be introducing in the next post. Blake is busting his ass on Conversations and I'm adding new widgets and beginning front-end code on Marketplace after weeks of sketching wireframes. So excited for these features. Anyway, on to our featured artists:... [ read more ]

  • Posted: almost 12 years ago
  • Categories: Hype

Pick up the Andy Square² Mk2 this xmas eveNew Release: Ashley Wood from threeA

The Andy Square² Mk2 from threeA is dropping on the 24th December, 9:00 am Hong Kong time. It will cost $65usd, and the price includes a signed 12"x12" exclusive Ashley Wood print, and worldwide shipping. Be sure to visit Bambaland Store... [ read more ]

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