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Circus Posterus began in 2000 as a small collective of fine artists, illustrators, gallery curators and collaborators working together to create exhibitions and art projects utilizing the diverse backgrounds of each of its members. The group officially evolved into an established company in 2007 by original founders Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters. The internationally recognized fine artist couple dedicated their diversified backgrounds in original artworks, toy design, printmaking, packaging, marketing, “Brand” management, licensing and art event creation in order to create specialty products that allow other artists the time and motivation to expand their own markets.

The CP studio has been providing their talents and skills to a cross section of national and international companies as well as numerous established and emerging contemporary fine artists. By allowing artists to do what they do best — creating art and interacting with their fan base, the company’s creators have delivered a new paradigm for its collectors and fans which offer internationally sought after original artworks as well as limited editions sculpture, prints, art toys, and a unique range of collectibles. Rather than each artist having to manage and produce their own merchandising, CP acts as not only a collaborator and producer, but also offers a one-stop online resource and distribution point for all of their artists.

Circus Posterus breaks the mold and pushes the boundaries of creating and producing all of its products. Never compromising the vision and integrity of its “art” and the original artist’s vision and voice, they introduce a structure which promises and delivers product accessibility, affordability, market generation, superior quality, and direct communication methods with collectors and fans. On top of all of these methods, CP focuses its product fabrication in support of utilizing local artists and artisans. All current products are made in the United States and available worldwide.

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