Hanna-Barbarians show at MyplasticheartOpens tomorrow April 19th

  • Posted on: April 18, 2013 @ 3:29PM
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Having already seen the preview list for the upcoming 'Hanna-Barbarians' show opening tomorrow April 20th @6pm over at myplasticheart I have to say I'm a bit confused. I was expecting artists interpretations of some classic Hanna Barbera cartoons, but it seems the show is a wide mix of cartoon characters not from the Hanna Barbera universe. That said, there are some great pieces there and you should definitely check it out if you're in NYC. 

from myplasticheart:
On April 19 myplasticheart will celebrate the opening of Hanna-Barbarians, a group show featuring the work of over 20 artists from the U.S. and abroad. The show’s name is a tongue-in-cheek reference to its theme, with all artists creating pieces using elements from their favorite cartoons. This is a chance for these artists to showcase those cartoons that have influenced them throughout their careers, sometimes being critical elements in their development and interest in the arts. The show is curated by the Studio Miners, Evoker & Team Sweet, who find joy in documenting the wonderfully exciting world of artists, collectors and creatives of all kinds. This theme particularly appealed to the Studio Miners because in their travels and studio visits, they were always fascinated to see what imagery other artists surrounded themselves with to stimulate creativity.

The opening will take place on Friday, April 19 from 6 – 9pm and the show will run until May 17.

Participating Artists:
Abe Lincoln Jr.Bigfoot One, Brian Butler, Chris RWK, Clams Rockefeller, Ekiem, Etips, Evoker, Eyeformation, Flying Förtress, George Lamontagne, Heidi KenneykaNO, MRNVR, NoseGo, Oblvn, Olive47Paul ShihPeskimoPhilip Lumbang, Tim Sullivan

  • Hanna-barbarians_show_at_myplasticheart-opens_tomorrow_april_19th-trampt-2146t
  • Hanna-barbarians_show_at_myplasticheart-opens_tomorrow_april_19th-trampt-2147t
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3 Replies

Although the name is a reference to Hanna-Barbera, cartoon choices were not limited to the Hanna-Barbera lineup, with artists free to choose any cartoon that has added to their development as an artist. Artists have paid homage to their favorite cartoon characters, while adding their remarkable spin, and the result is a wide range of pieces that will have you smiling as you connect with the artists’ work and the characters they have chosen.

about 10 years ago · Comment ·


keegan a I understand that, just made an assumption that it would be focused around Hanna-Barbera cartoons. about 10 years ago

If you get a chance and live in the NY area it is definitely worth checking out. A lot of great pieces from some very talented artists. 

about 10 years ago · Comment ·

pieces from this show are up for sale on MPH now :)


about 10 years ago · Comment ·

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