The Mini Cheestroyer by Double Haunt & Bad Teeth Comics A new kaiju Kickstarter from Australia

  • Posted on: November 26, 2013 @ 8:18PM
  • Published in: Articles

We've long talked about the difficulties of following the incredible creative endeavors of international artists. As designer toys and lowbrow communities pop up all over the world, more and more artists are shaping the toy scene in their own country, and worldwide. Australian artist duo Double Haunt have partnered up with Bad Teeth Comics to try and produce The Mini Cheestroyer in vinyl with a little help from Kickstarter. This is your chance to help spread Kaiju all over the world. Check out their kickstarter project here. You can also read up on each of their blogs for much more info at and

In their words:

This is a chance to realize a lifelong dream for the both of us, a true kickstarter - to have our very own toy professionally produced by a professional toy factory. By reaching our pledge goal we will be enabled to reproduce the Mini-Cheestroyer in various colours and effects in the future thanks to having reusable cast iron molds available to us. This will allow us to build the independent toy culture scene in Australia by running events like custom art shows where people can decorate their very own Cheestroyer toys and inviting young artists to paint their own designs on the Cheestroyer blank toys. We have some BIG plans for this toy, we just need a little help from you to get things moving... We have some great items up for grabs in exchange for your support!

  • The_mini_cheestroyer_by_double_haunt__bad_teeth_comics-a_new_kaiju_kickstarter_from_australia-trampt-2570t
  • The_mini_cheestroyer_by_double_haunt__bad_teeth_comics-a_new_kaiju_kickstarter_from_australia-trampt-2571t
  • The_mini_cheestroyer_by_double_haunt__bad_teeth_comics-a_new_kaiju_kickstarter_from_australia-trampt-2572t
  • The_mini_cheestroyer_by_double_haunt__bad_teeth_comics-a_new_kaiju_kickstarter_from_australia-trampt-2573t
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Rad. Glenn is a good dude..

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