Penelope McStompsalot Black & Green by Huck GeeTwo Colorways for this new Kidrobot Dunny on Feb 13th

  • Posted on: January 25, 2014 @ 2:06AM
  • Published in: New Releases

So there's been a lot going on at Trampt which has kept me from writing news for quite a while. After seeing Huck's new Dunny release from Kidrobot I had to break my newswire silence to share this. Insanely intense 8" piece that contains a 3" Dunny driver and accessories listed below. The Penelope McStompsalot drops February 13th and retails for $199, but considering the production that seems pretty reasonable. I'll definitely be picking up the black colorway.

If you're a Kidrobot hater, or think Huck is overplayed I hope this piece shuts you up ... at least for a few days. :)

Part mechanic, part engineer, and part talent show winner, Penelope McStompsalot hand built her Blowback Industries DUNN-7™ wasteland stomper from the salvage of 4 different mechs and a 2135 Chevy Bel Air. She may be a no nonsense, one eyed, red headed beauty but don’t let the good looks fool you – she’s as handy with a sawed off shotgun as a lithium power wrench. Eat lead wasteland sand suckers.

From San Francisco artist and customizer Huck Gee’s toy treasure trove comes the Penelope McStompsalot Dunny: a 8-inch vinyl vessel, fitted with a 3-inch vinyl Dunny pilot. A marvel of vinyl engineering, the mecha-creation is displayed in a window box designed by the artist.

Take note! The black color way will be sold on and in Kidrobot retails stores ONLY, and the green colorway will be sold at specialty stores only! Will you score both?

Ready to roam , Penelope McStompsalot is available on 2/13 at Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers for $199.99.


  • Penelope_mcstompsalot_black__green_by_huck_gee-two_colorways_for_this_new_kidrobot_dunny_on_feb_13th-trampt-2638t
  • Penelope_mcstompsalot_black__green_by_huck_gee-two_colorways_for_this_new_kidrobot_dunny_on_feb_13th-trampt-2639t
  • Penelope_mcstompsalot_black__green_by_huck_gee-two_colorways_for_this_new_kidrobot_dunny_on_feb_13th-trampt-2640t
  • Penelope_mcstompsalot_black__green_by_huck_gee-two_colorways_for_this_new_kidrobot_dunny_on_feb_13th-trampt-2641t
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2 Replies

Black or Green or Both!?

Ouch my wallet!

over 8 years ago · Comment ·


keegan a I'm going just for black ... need to keep my spending down for a bit. :) over 8 years ago


aznalan15 Yah I think i'm going black too, need to save for hucks customs... over 8 years ago

UGH! WHICH ONE TO GET?! I think I like Black better, but I think Green will look better with the Post Apoc Theme... Also since Black is going to be sold at, I think getting it in future will be easier than the retailer version.

over 8 years ago · Comment ·

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