Wrapping up our Chrismahanukwanzakah giveaway!Aesop Rock's Whiskers the Undead by Kidrobot!

  • Posted on: December 24, 2014 @ 5:36PM
  • Published in: Hype

So we've had a fun 10 days of our Chrismahanukwanzakah giveaway, but now it's time to wrap up with a last big prize. One of Kidrobot's newly released Aesop Rock's Whiskers the Undead that retails at $250. So, because of the holidays, and the fact I'm posting this 14 hours later than usual, this giveaway will run until the end of the week Friday December 26th at 11:59pm PST.

Just as all the other days, go over to the Whiskers The Undead page and mark that you Want It ... that's it. Blake and I just want to say thanks to all the members, artists, and manufacturers that have made this site fun to work on over the last few years. Congrats to all our winners, and good luck to everyone trying for this last prize.

  • Wrapping_up_our_chrismahanukwanzakah_giveaway-aesop_rocks_whiskers_the_undead_by_kidrobot-trampt-2750t
  • Wrapping_up_our_chrismahanukwanzakah_giveaway-aesop_rocks_whiskers_the_undead_by_kidrobot-trampt-2751t
  • Wrapping_up_our_chrismahanukwanzakah_giveaway-aesop_rocks_whiskers_the_undead_by_kidrobot-trampt-2752t
  • Wrapping_up_our_chrismahanukwanzakah_giveaway-aesop_rocks_whiskers_the_undead_by_kidrobot-trampt-2753t
  • Wrapping_up_our_chrismahanukwanzakah_giveaway-aesop_rocks_whiskers_the_undead_by_kidrobot-trampt-2754t
  • Wrapping_up_our_chrismahanukwanzakah_giveaway-aesop_rocks_whiskers_the_undead_by_kidrobot-trampt-2755t
  • Wrapping_up_our_chrismahanukwanzakah_giveaway-aesop_rocks_whiskers_the_undead_by_kidrobot-trampt-2756t
  • Wrapping_up_our_chrismahanukwanzakah_giveaway-aesop_rocks_whiskers_the_undead_by_kidrobot-trampt-2757t
  • Wrapping_up_our_chrismahanukwanzakah_giveaway-aesop_rocks_whiskers_the_undead_by_kidrobot-trampt-2758t
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