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  • Posted on: January 21, 2016 @ 1:28PM
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Some of you may have noticed that I've recently posted some pictures of Trampt screens for our upcoming re-design, and potentially total re-platform over on Instagram and Facebook. I wanted to use this post as a way to include our members, artists, shops and galleries into our process along with receiving feedback on features.

Blake and I have had trouble carving out time for Trampt over the last two years with family and day jobs; however, we've found some help over the last few weeks and we're looking forward to revitalize Trampt into the product we always wanted it to be. While you've seen some of the screens, I really want to include everyone in this process to help give feedback before features are built. There are a lot of things on Trampt that we thought would get use that frankly didn't gain a lot of traction, and other things we desperately need.

Below I’ll list out a basic rundown of how the site will function in the future, and I’ll come back to edit this list based on feedback or changes we’ve made internally. There is also going to be a folder on our Facebook account for members to give feedback directly onto different screens as they’re posted.


This will contain a list of all the actions by members and portfolios you follow. When people you follow comment on items that will also show in your feed so you can follow commenting easier. A new major piece will be social & news integration from 3rd party sites. Some of this will be automatic by verified portfolios, others will be added by members just like the Library.

This will work the same as it always has but much cleaner, larger images, and a updated hover state so you know the piece you are looking at before clicking. Filtering will allow you to search against keywords, categories, release date, and colors.

I know you’ve all been waiting for this since the day we launched the site. Initially we wanted to make a full e-commerce experience; however after lots of feedback with artists and shops over the years nobody wants another place to manage inventory. Our new approach is much simpler. It let members add links to stores, artist shops, galleries, eBay, etc to where items can be purchased. There will be options to ‘sell’ or ‘looking to buy’ directly through messaging with each other. Also, items in your Want or Deal list will trigger alerts for you when matches are posted to the Marketplace.

This will be a semi-automated curation of what’s happening on Trampt. Popular items, artists, comments, upcoming events, new releases, 3rd party news, etc. Hopefully this will be a nice way to find out about new things to follow, attend, or collect.

As a Member, Alerts will be an important way to interact on the site by notifying of responses to comments, being tagged in a comment, marketplace matches. As a verified portfolio, Alerts will help you keep track of when Members comment on your work, add pieces for you, publish news on your behalf, etc.

Search will now show results across the Library, Portfolios, and Members with the ability to filter to a single category.


Details about individual pages, functionality will all be handled on our Facebook (Responsive Redesign) album going forward since Trampt new posts are limited to 10 images.

Thanks for sticking with us and hopefully we’ll get some positive (probably a little negative) feedback for the next phase of Trampt.

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17 Replies

All great news! I'm really looking forward to the revamping. Having what you're looking for, or dealing, trigger alerts when there's a match will be huge. Great way to match people up with what they're on the hunt for. Here's to the future!

over 5 years ago · Comment ·


keegan a there will be optional email alerts you can activate when matches happen in case you forget to check Trampt for a while. :) over 5 years ago

perhaps I just can't find the way to do it today, but when on a specific toy page,  i'd love to be able to click on the people who have marked an item as "deal" so I can reach out to see if they are selling.

over 5 years ago · Comment ·


houmanche like that idea:) over 5 years ago

sounds good. one thing i would like to see is...   i would like to be able to add notes to my haves and wants that only i can see. where i bought a piece price i paid that kind of thing.

over 5 years ago · Comment ·


keegan a http://trampt.com/users/durtro/have?v=list
When you look at your own 'Want/Have/Deal' on list view there are extra inputs to manage some of this. This will likely be carried over into the new design in a more accessible way. :) over 5 years ago


georgedunkley I didn't know about this feature, but I'll be using it now. It's a shame it's focussed on US $ and date formatas I'm from the UK over 5 years ago


keegan a Hoping there is a nice currency conversion API we could use going forward. over 5 years ago

Very excited, thank you for all of your hard work!! :)

over 5 years ago · Comment ·

maybe a badge for so many sales? 

over 5 years ago · Comment ·


keegan a Most of sales will be done through 3rd party sites; however, there will be some tracking of your P2P sales. over 5 years ago

Nice comps; clearly mobile-first approach. Looking forward to the p2p aspect of the marketplace. Suggest you think about ways to gamify the badges. There could be badges specifically for certain artists or platforms. Badges could also serve as reputation in the marketplace.

over 5 years ago · Comment ·


keegan a There are will be more 'gamification' of badges in the next release like 'Completist', 'Addict', perhaps one for collecting a certain number of pieces by an artists or manufacturer. :) over 5 years ago

great news! thanks for the awesome website and thanks for the all the hardwork to update it!

over 5 years ago · Comment ·

Finally!! Can't wait :)

over 5 years ago · Comment ·

This all sounds great!! Can't wait!

over 5 years ago · Comment ·

so... when will this happen?

over 5 years ago · Comment ·


keegan a as soon as it can ... we're working on it. over 5 years ago

Love this! Can't wait for the update. It would be good to make more of a feature of location. So I could follow and trade with people in my city

over 5 years ago · Comment ·


keegan a That was always the intention for asking zip / postal code on sign up. To showcase any events near you, as well as find people nearby you might want to do trades with instead of mailing stuff back and forth. :) over 5 years ago

Looking forward to it! Will there be any changes to the processes of adding items? Thanks for all the hard work.

Maybe a random search option might be nice. The library is extensive so if you could search say for prints, sofubi, originals, etc and recieve a wall of random toys or art you may discover new artisits.

over 5 years ago · Comment ·


keegan a I'm working on adding some of that to 'Explore' which will be a easy way to showcase and curate stuff from the library. It could be based on moderators choosing, data scraped from the site, new releases, events, etc. over 5 years ago


MrLongbaugh Great :) over 5 years ago

Amazing! Really looking forward for it to come alive!

over 1 year ago · Comment ·

Any word on the new version launch date?

over 4 years ago · Comment ·

Excited to see the redesign!

about 5 years ago · Comment ·

Sounds great. Can´t wait!

over 5 years ago · Comment ·

still not getting my badges. also looks like i have 16 notifications i cant open/resolve/look at.

over 5 years ago · Comment ·

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