About Trampt

Who is Trampt?

Currently Trampt is just the two of us, but as we grow over the year this list might change.

Keegan Rooney
Keegan Rooney Lead Design Human
Blake Dunkel
Blake Dunkel Lead Technical Human

Geek Stuff

We use the following tools and services to keep Trampt running smoothly:

This setup allows for the quick turnaround of new features for our users.

We connect artists, illustrators, and toy designers/customizers with the people who love what they do. This site is dedicated to helping artists make more money and keep them creating, otherwise we all miss out.

Where we are now

While Trampt currently has some similar functionality to sites like rotocasted and expressobeans, we've built this platform for several large features to be easily integrated in the coming months. While we could have waited a bit longer to get those features built, we wanted to start getting artists and collectors onto the site to get their feedback on what we've done and what we're planning.

Who we want to be

Our goal is to become an artist and collector destination for news, events & shows, buying/selling/trading work, and most importantly, discovering and collecting all the amazing pieces these artists create. In order to do that, we built this platform from scratch and are hosting on super fast Amazon Web Services, so it won't go down or slow down. All future features and tools for artists to sell their work here will always be free.

What we'll never be

While we would love this site to be curated strictly by the artists and collectors who use it, we will intervene to keep this site focused on Original Art, Prints, and 'Designer' Toys. While anyone can potentially add anything they want to the site, we don't wish to see things like Action Figures, Legos, Hats, Keychains, etc on the site. There have been some exceptions, and there will probably be more to be determined on a case by case basis.

Why we built it

Some time in November of 2008, I bought a Series 5 Dunny blind box and happened to pull a Kozik Mechadunny. I was blown away by the design and instantly fell in love with designer vinyl. However, as I began getting into the vinyl toy scene, it was hard to find resources for both commercially released toys and the amazing toy customizers out there. As I started researching the work of the 'toy artists' for Trampt, I realized how incredible their illustrations, paintings and other creative work was, and thought that had to be included in the site. So after a year of designing & coding, Blake and I finally built the site I always wanted to use.

We built an app

The website is currently archived & read-only until we relaunch using our new back-end services.

What we're building

Connect with other artists & collectors on our Discord