Frequently Asked Questions

Here is our place to answer all your inquiries about Trampt, compiled via our feedback site and direct communication.

1. What is the difference between an account and portfolio?

There is only one kind of account -- a user account -- but there are multiple portfolio types: artist, platform, manufacturer, series, event, and venue. A user account is owned by a single person and carries the login and all personal information for that user. A portfolio can be linked to, or owned by, several user accounts. This relationship enables several people to jointly manage the content on a single portfolio. For example, if two artists work under one collective name and also do work independently.

When updating your first and last name in your user account, please provide your real name and not your alias or business name. Artists and manufacturers should use their linked portfolios for their businesses, similar to how Facebook accounts and 'Pages' work. We will be adding privacy settings soon that will allow you to control how your name appears on your public user profile.

2. Why can't I upload a product image?

The most frequent problem is that the requirements outlined in the "image upload disabled" box have not been met. Make sure you have provided all required fields. The artist field in particular can cause issues if the name of an artist has been entered but not "tokenized", which is apparent if the name is not surrounded by a colored container with an "x" (remove) icon next to it. If this happens, try deleting the name and re-entering it, then press the enter or tab key to tokenize. You can enter additional names in this way if desired.

3. How do I change my account e-mail?

Currently, you cannot edit your account e-mail address. We will be adding this ability soon. If you need your account e-mail changed in the meantime, please send your current and new e-mail to and we will update it for you.

4. Why can't I edit a portfolio?

When you add or edit a product, you may be entering metadata -- an artist, manufacturer, platform, etc. -- that is not currently in our database. If this happens, a new portfolio is automatically generated for this metadata, however, it needs to be approved by an admin before it is editable. Usually, a new portfolio is approved within 24 hours. The other reason a portfolio may not be editable is covered by the next question.

5. What is a verified portfolio? Unverified portfolio?

A verified portfolio is one that has been claimed by its owner, the artist(s) or manufacturer responsible for the work. A verified portfolio is not editable by any user aside from its owners. Portfolio verification enables artists and manufacturers to announce their new releases and upcoming events directly to the Trampt community. Unverified portfolios have not yet been claimed and are editable by any registered user. If you're an artist or manufacturer already on Trampt and you would like to claim your portfolio please send an email to from your official domain.

6. What type of stuff can I upload to Trampt?

While we would love this site to be curated strictly by the artists and collectors who use it, we will at times need to direct library additions to keep this site focused on Original Art, Prints, and 'Designer' Toys. While any user can add what they want to the site, we don't wish to see things like Action Figures, Legos, Hats, Keychains, etc on the site. There have been some exceptions, and there will probably be more to be determined on a case by case basis. We have a conversation running where we have made additions to this list and discuss what should be in and out.

You may notice that most of the pieces you see on Trampt can loosely fall into a limited number of art movements: Lowbrow, Pop, Surrealism, etc. The artists in these categories are the ones that most interest us who currate this site, and those who come here to explore. There is plenty of awesome stuff out there but not all of it fits here, and we aim to differentiate ourselves from other sites such as Deviant Art or Behance, not because we do not appreciate these sites, but because we are trying to grow something different.

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