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Designed and created by Chris Ryniak and Amanda Louise Spayd with Scott Wetterschneider working on the sculpts and Cardboard Spaceship producing the figures, these blind box vinyl art toys released in 2015 with the introduction of series 1.

Series 1 saw the release of 10 characters in four different colorways: Leprechaun, Carnival, Buttermint (the chase hidden inside cases of the first two colorways) and Tropical (the retailer exclusive colorway sold as individual pieces online and at conventions.) Tropical pieces were limited to an edition of 100 for each character.

Cardboard Spaceship also released a full set of unpainted DIY figures, in a light lavender vinyl.

Returning in Fall of 2018, series 2 saw the introduction of 10 new characters and four new colorways: Birthday Party, Unicorn Galaxy (created and released exclusively through Hot Topic), Succulent (the chase hidden inside cases of the first two colorways) and Canyon (the retailer exclusive colorway sold as individual pieces online and at conventions.) Canyon were a limited edition of 85 pieces for each character.

Now licensed through the Good Smile Company in partnership with Bindlewood, Thimblestump Hollow was back on shelves in the fall of 2019 with 13 new characters created for Series 3. The first colorway, Mermaid, was released exclusively through Hot Topic. Unicorn Galaxy became the wide release colorway. Fruit Salad was originally released as just four figures (Jasper, Gemnibbler, Blossom, and Mothpup) at SDCC 2018, but saw a wider release as the chase colorway for series 3. A fourth colorway, entitled Ice Cream Social, was sold exclusively through Bindlewood as individual pieces in foil bags with printed header cards. There were roughly 100 pieces for each character and were released monthly.

Late July 2021 saw the return of Thimblestump Hollow, in the form of a 5" figure released exclusively through Hot Topic. Puffalobe and Sprinkle were released blind box style, in an edition of 500 pieces, split between 3 colorways: Unicorn Galaxy (245 pieces), Totally Rad (245 pieces), and Electric Sunset (10). Potential new characters for series 4 were revealed on the bling bag packaging, mixed in among previously released characters. PhatMojo produced the piece.

December 2021 brought the release of Series 4 of the blind box characters, with 10 new critters in the colorways of Totally Rad with the chase colorway (mixed in with retail cases) continuing Ice Cream Social from series 3. PhatMojo continued to produce the series. Future releases are pending, due to supply chain issues during the global pandemic.

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