12 Artist Signings, Giveaways, and other fun!Trampt & Spankystokes at booth #518 at DCon

So there are some big changes coming to Trampt, but in the meantime we've gathered together some of our favorite artists to run two days of straight signings. On top of our signings we'll be hosting a raffle for an amazing custom mega munny, like the one pictured, by selling sticker packs at the show and online for those unable to attend DCon 2014.... [ read more ]

  • Posted: over 6 years ago
  • Categories: Events

Show Me the Munny 4 by ATAMATonight only at Strangeways in Dallas, TX

Tonight is the fourth installment of ATAMA's 'Show Me The Munny' show which will be opening tonight January 25th @ 8pm at Strangeways in Dallas, TX. Our buddy ManlyArt (Jason Chalker) designed the show print and will be on hand... [ read more ]

  • Posted: about 7 years ago
  • Categories: Events

J★RYU & Vampy Mega MunnysMega Munny Series at Kidrobot Stores and on Kidrobot.com

I love the direction Kidrobot has been going in the last few months. A few misses, a lot of wins, but they're taking chances and working with an amazing group of new talent. Now they've hooked up with the amazing power duo J★RYU and Vampy to produce... [ read more ]


Artmymind Instagram AuctionAkai Ikari Customized Munny and new Hellhound and Scavenger colorways

Always sad to hear about artists going through a rough patch, and certainly we all can relate to unfortunate events always clustering together. To alleviate their troubles, Artmymind are auctioning off a piece from their personal collection... [ read more ]

  • Posted: over 7 years ago
  • Categories: Articles

Reticulated Madness from Carson CatlinNew Beginnings : Time to kick ass show at Sub-Urban Vinyl Toys

The master of slice Carson Catlin will have several new pieces at 'New Beginnings : Time to kick ass' show opening this Satuday May 11th @ 6pm over at Sub-Urban Vinyl. If there were a way for Kidrobot to produce one of Carson's... [ read more ]

  • Posted: almost 8 years ago
  • Categories: Events

This Won't Hurt a Bit by DavidKraigCustom for Munny Mash Show at Kidrobot Boulder 10.26-10.28

Davidkraig sent us his latest custom 'This Won't Hurt a Bit' which is part of the Kidrobot Boulder inaugural show 'Munny Mash Customs Show' that opens tonight October 26th and runs thru Sunday, October 28th. This custom Munny goes above and beyond the amazing sculpting we expect from David, and includes some amazing LED goggles.... [ read more ]


Munnyworld has gone microKidrobot release 2" versions of Munny, Raffy, Trikky, and Foomi

I'm trying to think of a lame 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids' reference but nothing is really coming ... maybe some more coffee. The four Kidrobot platforms MunnyFoomiTrikky, and Raffy have been shrunk down to a 2" micro version of themselves. Each figure is blindboxed by platform so you're not sure which of the five colorways (White, Red, Yellow, Cyan, and Blue) you're going to get, similar to the Goon Squad series. As a very lazy collector who doesn't really have the time to customize any DIY toys I have, I do appreciate that Kidrobot is including clear stickers to put on like old 80's toy decals.... [ read more ]


No trophies for us at the DTA but someone on Trampt wonDTA Giveaway winner announced

So we were going to cover the event like one of those professional blogs, but a dead cell phone and a copious amount of drinks prevented that. Even though we didn't win spankystokes definitely deserved it with the amount of news he's been pushing out this year. My only beef with the category is to not call it 'Best Blog' next year ... so we might have a shot at winning. :) I also love that the person who has probably spent $2+ million on his art collection lost 'Best Collection' to someone that laid their collection out by color. Must take a more interested picture next year.... [ read more ]

  • Posted: over 8 years ago
  • Categories: Hype

Lucha Libre! peek from Huck GeeLucha Libre! at Rotofugi & curated by The Beast Brothers

Huck Gee just posted up a sneak-peek at his custom Munny for the upcoming 'Lucha Libre!' show at Rotofugi. The show opens this Friday, October 5th thanks to the dynamic duo of Carlos & Ernesto ... aka The Beast Brothers. Nearly half of the show will be customs by the Beast Brothers themselves, and the rest will feature contributions from a variety of amazing artists listed below. The show opens at 7pm and runs until 10 with both Carlos & Ernesto in attendance. For more info or directions go to rotofugi.com.... [ read more ]

  • Posted: over 8 years ago
  • Categories: Events

The Guyver 3 from RotoboxPart of the Rotobox Tribute Series

I think posts like this is why I prefer to just drop stuff into the library and let people talk about it rather than trying to write a newspost. I have no real details on this figure, nor do I have time to go back and forth to get more details; however, this custom is just too badass. This popped up on my facebook feed from Rotobox, and appears to be a highly sculpted custom Munny though I could be wrong. Unfortunately this guy is already sold, but be on the look out because it seems more customs are going to be posted up soon. Hopefully if I get some updated info I will come back and adjust this post. :)... [ read more ]

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