• Name: Rudy R
  • Location: San Antonio, TX
  • Twitter: @ruro1331
  • 13 Replies

Merchandise & the Library Debate: What should be in & out?

Hello all, So we see a lot of people add things to the library that then get removed because they are merchandise. (I have done it with Sucklord toilet paper) I know this can be confusing for peo...

  • 7 Replies

Atropa_dunny-jason_limon-dunny-kidrobot-trampt-299557tAtropa Dunny by Jason Limon from Kidrobot


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  • Started: about 12 years ago
  • Category: Library Item
  • 11 Replies

Introduce yourself :D

Howdy all, Obviously im Mister Quiche here, my real name is Keith & I live in Stockholm, Sweden., though i'm originally Irish :) I started collecting back in '05, most of my original collecti...

  • 11 Replies

A Mascot For Trampt!

I was just commenting on the Thanks Trampt conversation that Trampt needs a mascot. So, I'm here to challenge all members to toss out some ideas and who knows maybe Blake and Keegan will get b...

  • 44 Replies

Last Toy you bought

Hello all! This Conversation is to share the last toy you bought In my case the last one I bought is: Andrew Bell Red O-No Sushi directly from his store.

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  • Started: about 12 years ago by dahem0n
  • Category: Open
  • 3 Replies

Wanted-trust_pigs-screenprint-trampt-48008tWanted Screenprint by Trust Pigs

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  • Started: about 12 years ago
  • Category: Library Item
  • 2 Replies

The_once_and_future_king-hugh_rose-munny-trampt-49005tThe once and future king Munny by Hugh Rose

The title of this piece, "The Once and Future King," is a paraphrase of what is supposedly written on King Arthur's tomb.

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  • Started: about 12 years ago
  • Category: Library Item
  • 4 Replies

Is it just me or is there a delay on the "blindbox badges"?

Not quite sure how you guys have it set up, so I don't know if there's a glitch or if it's just the way the system works, but I now follow over 200 profiles/pages and should have gotten the "stalke...

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  • Started: about 12 years ago by Necktie
  • Category: Open
  • 2 Replies

custom or original art

Ok, so my question is, What is considered custom and what is original art? I ask this because I know that if an artist takes something like a Munny or a Dunny and puts their own version of say Spid...

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  • Started: about 12 years ago by Rudy
  • Category: Open
  • 2 Replies

Jk5_sucklord-ad-at-trampt-8099t(untitled) AD-AT by JK5, Sucklord

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  • Started: about 12 years ago
  • Category: Library Item

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