• Name: Itsa M
  • Location: somewhere, BC, Canada
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library items: toys vs. prints

I might be one of the few who bother, but I think the amount of screenprints added and artwork by artists I've never heard of moves trampt into a wrong direction. No offense to the artists o collec...

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How to make trampt better!

Hi guys, first of all I have to say I love trampt! It looks awesome and hits all my interests in the right spot. Nevertheless there are a lot of features missing on trampt. I know there is this g...

  • 5 Replies

Bad_apple_-_rotofugi-goin-bad_apple-mighty_jaxx-trampt-86541tBad apple - light green + black grenade Bad Apple by Goin from Mighty Jaxx

Glossy. Comes with removable grenade and authenticity card. This resin figure - a Rotofugi exclusive - was sold as a pre-order in late 2012, and then shipped in February 2013. The design is based o...

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  • Started: about 11 years ago
  • Category: Library Item
  • 1 Replies
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  • 2 Replies

Terror_boys_ooze_no_13_nightmare-ferg_brandt_peters-terror_boy-playge-trampt-136207tTerror boys ooze no. 13 (nightmare) Terror Boy by Ferg, Brandt Peters from Playge

Decked out in extra long sleeved Freddy Krueger sweater along with a burlap mask with printed No13 as well as a Meat Cleaver and a 2x4 with nails. "6 inch vinyl, cloth and ABS - Includes 2 sets of...

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  • Started: almost 10 years ago
  • Category: Library Item
  • 7 Replies

Terror_boy_-_ooze_no00-ferg_brandt_peters-terror_boy-playge-trampt-102887tTerror boy - ooze no.00 Terror Boy by Ferg, Brandt Peters from Playge

BRANDT PETERS X FERG | TERROR BOYS OOZE No.00 Limited to 225 pcs. 6" vinyl, ABS and cloth. includes: 2 sets of arms (classic and 2.1), Machete, Double barrel sawed off shorty, and a removable h...

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  • Started: almost 11 years ago
  • Category: Library Item
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Misfortune_cat_-_new_year_8-ferg-misfortune_cat-playge-trampt-125095tMisfortune cat - new year Misfortune Cat by Ferg from Playge

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  • Started: about 10 years ago
  • Category: Library Item
  • 15 Replies

Pics of your Collections Displayed

At the moment, everything I own is either already packed or in the process of being packed away so that I can have renovations done to my place... But, I'm left dreaming of how I will display my co...

  • 5 Replies

An Open Letter To People Adding Items

Please, please, please include release dates, prices, edition # etc when adding items. I can't tell you how many times I'm looking up older items and I always want to know this info. It's a lot eas...

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  • Started: about 10 years ago by nicedream
  • Category: Open

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