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Trampt is run by just the two of us, so please keep that in mind as we try and answer all questions/comments/complaints about the site. If you want a timely response to something specific, use the methods below.

You have a Problem / Complaint / Suggestion

These should all be handled on our feedback area to help track resolutions and reduce the duplicate requests we might be getting.

You want to buy advertising

If you are interested in buying ads we've begun taking orders for ad slots. Detailed information can be found in our Advertising on Trampt area of the site, or you can send an email to Keegan Rooney and he'll get back to you with more information.

A photo is violating your copyright

Photos are added by a variety of users, and we always want to respect individual's copyrights. If you're the owner of a photo, you can give yourself credit by editing the item and adding copyright info to each photo. If you would like to take it down, please flag the offending items and we will look into it. If you don't see any action after a few days, please email for further assistance.

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