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NYCC : 2015


Vive La Lolligag! (Woot Bear)


Metal and Fur

myplasticheart presents Metal and Fur, featuring the work of artists ChrisRWK and Philip Lumbang where the melding of their unique styles bring together an east coast meets west coast collaboration. Both share many similar influences ingrained in a common graphic/illustrative style that is most notably demonstrated in many of the murals and walls both have adorned over the years in the streets of NY to LA. However each convey a message that is specific to their surroundings and individual experiences. Philip whose iconic Awesome Bear character is often seen on walls and abandoned lots in downtown Los Angeles helps to spread Phil’s message of fun and happiness along the way. Chris started doing graffiti as a kid growing up in Staten Island and has evolved his indelible yet ominous character Robots Will Kill. The two artists bring their collective influences to the table where they explore the dichotomy as well as parallels in their work with individual pieces as well as fully collaborative works. Through this joint endeavor you will see a growth in their visual verbiage and a willingness to come out of their comfort zones.


Art On Guard


Art of Love

  • Dates: February 8, 2014 | March 1, 2014
  • Venue: Dragatomi

DCon (Designer Con) : 2013

  • Dates: November 9, 2013 | November 10, 2013
  • Venue: Unknown



Rabid, Wild & Docile

myplasticheart is excited to announce our next show opening on February 24. We have been hinting at it here on the blog, but we are finally revealing all about our next exhibit! Rabid, Wild & Docile will feature a collection of bear inspired artwork and is curated by me! You’ve seen certain characters popping up in the pop-pluralism and low-brow movements but whether it be a panda, a grizzly or a polar bear, this animal has been gracing artists’ brains and finding its way to canvases, stickers, and 3D figures for awhile now. It’s time to bring some of the greatest bear characters together in one room!


New Moon : 2012

myplasticheart is excited to present the 4th annual New Moon: Interpretations of the Chinese Zodiac exhibit. We are kicking the year off right with this stellar group show featuring 18 artists’ reinterpretations of the 12 animals of the Chinese lunar calendar. Curated by John Wong.


The Royal Couple Exhibition

Get Up Gallery’s brick and mortar space has manifested itself via the success of and’s celebration of all things street art and print making. The Gallery resides within the Emergency Arts collective (formally the Fremont medical building) in Downtown Las Vegas. ‘The Royal Couple’ is Get Up Gallery’s inaugural exhibition and will celebrate the aesthetics of the King and Queen associated with playing cards. The five artists listed below will produce their artistic interpretation of the King, Queen, and Joker.

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